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tv   News 4 at 11  NBC  March 26, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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he should get same punishment anyone else who would bring guns into the city. >> everybody makes mistakes. people should be able to go what they have to do and say, you know what? i learned from my mistakes. no jail time for gilbert arenas. good evening, i'm jim vance. >> i'm wendy rieger. doreen is off tonight. the disgraced wizards star will have to serve 30 days in a halfway house, 400 hours of community service will pay a $500,000 fine and be suspended 18 months. dan hellie is in our news room and he'll have team reaction on this. we begin with jackie benson with more on how people in our community are reacting. >> reporter: there is strong community reaction tonight. gilbert arenas can be assigned to serve his 30-day sentence in the halfway house in the district or virginia where he
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lives. neither arenas or his defense attorney spoke to reporters as they left through the ar exit of the courthouse. >> we are really excited and happy. thank you. >> reporter: the sentence capped months of drama. arenas pleads guilty to bringing four unloaded guns to the verizon center on december 21st. he said it was to play a joke on teammate crittenton. arenas was charged with a felony after he made conflicting statements. what kept him out of jail after prosecutors strongly urged incarceration? the suspended wizards' star's own words may have helped him. he told the. >> i'm very sorry all this happened. i thought by lying about it i would protect my family and teammate i would rather keep a friend and teammate and lose everything else. i'm sorry i hurt mr. crittenton's family, mr. pollin
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and the city of washington. i'm sorry i put everybody through this. another factor is visible here on the basketball court at the barry farm public housing project in southeast washington. those top of the line hoops, nets and backboards, gilbert arenas. flawless court surface? gilbert arenas. part of wt he's done here. >> a lot of guys with that stardom and that money from this town that's been in the league haven't done the things he's done in the community. >> reporter: the brady campaign to prevent gun violence tonight issued a statement saying that they believe jail time would have been an appropriate penalty given that this is arenas' second guns defense. now dan hellie joins us on how the wizards are reacting to this sentencing. >> reporter: gilbert arenas spared jail time. now the rebuilding process
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continues for the wizards, voiding his contract does not seem like a realistic option at this point. so it looks like the team has no other choice other than to rebuild around the very man who tore them apart. the organization did release a statement late this afternoon saying, "we believe today's sentencing of gilbert can help bring closure to an unfortunate situation that's played out over the last three months." lbert admitted his mistakes and will may his debt 0 our community. we are confident he learned something significant from his experience and we look forward to moving on and focusing on building this team to a contender that our outstanding fans deserve. the team is in charlotte where they learned of gilbert's fate. head coach flip saunders was asked about the sendsing before tonight's game. >> any time you're close to the individual, the judge warranted he didn't need the jail time.
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i think in the conversation i had with him, i think he is aware he did something that was very stupid. he was aware there would be consequences. now we can move forward. >> more on the situation and wizards' highlights in sports. a couple of paramedics in prince george's county are under investigation tonight. apparently they declared a man dead when, in fact, he was still alive. investigators are trying to figure out how this could happen. darcy spencer is in prince gege's county with more on this. >> reporter: investigations are under way to see if paramedics violated protocol. they are under review after a severely ill man was incorrectly declared dead inside his home. authorities say paramedics were called to glenarden parkway by the police department to assist in a possible death investigation around noon today.
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a prince george's county fire department statement says, "a paramedic unit arrived in the 8600 block of glenarden parkway in four minutes and concurred the adult male was deceased. about 1:30 p.m., an official from the county police department forensics services summoned the ems department to return to the scene as the adult male was displaying signs he was alive. medics from a different station responded to the home to transport the man to the hospital. officials say that man is alive and receiving treatment. neighbors say the man lives by himself and had not been seen for at least a few days. they say a maintenance worke discovered him unresponsive after he went into the house to check on him. the paramedics have been placed on a limited public contact status. they say they will ensure a complete and thorough review and take whatever corrective action is called for to avoid any
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reoccurrence. this neighbor said what happened is alarming. >> you can't say somebody is dead because you assume them to be dead. to me that shows lack of experience. >> reporter: the president of the union that represents the paramedics said in part, "we are cooperating with this investigation, which they launched immediately and appropriately. we are awaiting the fire department report." that report is expected in the next several days. live from largo, darcy spencer, news4. a female cab drier was sexually assaulted while on duty in montgomery county. this happened wednesday near west frankfurt drive and arctic avenue in rockville. a customer armed with a knife forced the driver to walk to a field near parkland middle school where he attacked her. police arrested 27-year-old juan rodriguez. he was arrested several hours after the attack.
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a serious car accident sent three teenagers to the hospital in prince george's county. it was about 3:00 this afternoon on lord landing road in upper marlboro. the car ended up between a fence and tree and took crews half an hour to pull the teenagers from that car. one of them is in critical condition. the beltway in virginia will be shut down to fix an overhead sign that was hit by a truck. itappened about 1:30 this afternoon on 495 near route 123 not far from tysons corner. vdot will alternate lane closur throughout this evening and expect it to be fixed by 7:00 tomorrow morning. it's been a while since it felt this chilly in our area. in just 24 hours we will go from 70s to the 30s. veronica, is this going to stick around for long? >> it's going to stick around at least for the weekend. you're right. we are a little out of practice from schieffering, right? the last time we fell below freezing around here was nearly
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a month ago on february 27th when we dropped 31 degrees. we are not going to see record cold around the area. that would take us down to 20 for tomorrow morning. we are not going to be near average either. we'll be around 25 to 30 degrees across the area, frederick to warrenton at 26 and 31 expected in fredericksburg. a very cold night coming up. meanwhile, in terms of across the area right now, temperature is at 42 degrees in st. michael's maryland and rockford is 36. throughout the area falling below freezing. if you've been taking your dog out in your robe, don't do that tomorrow morning because it's going to be awfully cold. we are going to see a cold weekend but a warm-up. i've got the seven-day forecast that shows temperatures rebounding back. back to you. >> thanks. coming up tonight, we'll find out why a local police sergeant is facing criminal charges. >> so what made shoppers call for help in this grocery store?
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among county police sergeant has been indicted on charges of felony theft. they say she altered her time sheet to get paid for hours she didn't work.
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detectives began investigating sergeant jacqueline davie after somebody noticed she was not at work hours her time sheet said she was. they discovered she was paid more than $10,000 while not on the clock. this morning, she turned herself in. davie has been suspended without pay. the u.s. and russia agreed on the first major nuclear weapons treaty in nearly two decades. both countries will cut their war head arsenals by nearly 1/3. it is the biggest foreign policy achievement so far for president barack obama. relief is in sight for strulging homeowners in an attempt to shrink mortgages. it targets the unemployed borrowers who own more than eir home is worth. they will lower the principal to borrowers who pay on time. in exchange, the federal housing administration will guarantee the losses using t.a.r.p. money. homeowners should check with
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their mort gaining servicer to see if they qualify. coming up tonight, a police dog and his partner able to find a woman who was missing. >>e'll find out how taking a shower could be connected to water pollution.
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a fairfax county officers and his canine partner are being credited. they saved a woman's life. wednesday they were called to mason park. they found an abandoned car but couldn't locate the owner. this bloodhound is snamd schnoz. he was able to find the missing woman who was suffering from severe symptoms of hypothermia. >> it's a fantastic feeling. it's great to take their innate ability to hunting humans and locating people.
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it's the most rewarding feeling you can achieve in this line of business. >> handlers for the canine unit expect schnoz will have a long and productive career. we'll show you dogs that behave differently. a police officer in chattanooga was filling out a report last week when he noticed his cruiser was shaking. winston, a pit bull mix and two of his buddies managed to rip off a section of the bumper of the car. they were also going after the tires. the officer had trouble stopping them. he said he used taser and a chemical spray. winston finally was released to his owner yesterday. a judge sentenced winston to obedience classes and good citizenship classes. so, veronica, boy, it is going to be a three dog night. >> it sounds like you're going
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to be curled up more with a nice warm blanket, wendy. >> indeed, yeah, and then some. >> exactly. cold already out there because we've got wind chill temperatures to talk about right now. the wind is stirring around out of the northwest. folks who are still busy and about this evening, the clouds have moved out. we've got a starry night. it's been a pretty night out there with a near full moon. high temperature today with 56 degrees. that was in the wee hours of the morning. 43 was the low today. that was about noon time. there is that nearly full moon at 84%. let's check on the temperature right now. it's 41 degrees. the wind chill, 34 degrees. by tomorrow morning, we are going to be dipping down with subfreezing temperatures across the area. you might think right now spring, march is pulling a fast one on us with it turning cold. typically we have several subfreezing nights in march
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past. 23 degree temperature change. last night we were running upper 50s to around 60. now in the 30s and 40s. elkins, west virginia, below freezing. we have showers left around the north carolina sound area. clouds down around fredericksburg and through areas of north carolina. just high clouds. radar is quiet. next time we see any rain showers showing up around here will be on sunday, mainly during the afternoon. weather system moving out. big high pressure over the ohio valley. that will keep us dry through saturday. here is the storm system for sunday. not a big system, but it will be a fast-moving system. again, it will be a 50/50 weekend for us with showers showing up. there is that high pressure area. clear skies across new york. beautiful weekend for traveling up t philadelphia and new york city, even down to atlanta, georgia. we'll get the rain in here. when we do on sunday, it looks
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like it will stick around for a while. sunday evening, the yellow, orange, that's the moderate and heavy rain that will be coming in. we could get another inch of rain in locations out of this. from morning 25 to 30 degrees cold. then we'll feel chilly like early march, 47 to 51. the cherry blossom festival takes place. it's family day between 10:00 a.m. and 3:30 will b 40 to 47. opening ceremony between 4:00 p.m. and 5:30. 46 to 50. if you're going to stick around late, take the coat. we are cold again for saturday night and sunday morning. starting out in the 30s again. then we'll start to rise and we should start out in the 60s next week and get back into the 70s, and hopefully that will be the last cra cold snap for us. jim, wendy? >> all right. >> thanks. still ahead, we have new images of that volcano in iceland. this is not it. >> nope. doesn't look anything like that. coming up in sports, wiz trying to put the distractions behind them.
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so after tonight we won't be talking about gilbert arenas? >> could be. he not going to jail. he avoids actual jail time. he'll spend 30 days in a halfway house and two years on
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probation. the question now, how do the wizards continue and what role exactly will arenas plays in the future of the franchise? arenas is still owed more than $80 million. is virtually untradeable at this point. we asked a couple of writers who know gil pretty well what their take was on the sentencing. we start with "the washington post" columnist mike weiss who talked to gilbert extensively over the years. >> i think a lot of people are going to be disappointed today because gilbert polarized this town over this incident. a lot of people feel like this is a guy who's given his free time to this community to better a lot of people, and why is he being treated like a menace to society? others feel if i brought my guns into the district and done what gilbert did, i would be in jail. i don't know if there is a right or wrong answer. i know gilbert arenas in all the decisions around him, polarized
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d.c. >> if he is that guy in 2007 making the all-star team, a dynamic player, that talent level with a lot of maturity, yes. we haven't seen that guy since 2007. we need to see a gilbert arenas who is a team guy, a team first guy, who is not going to break off plays because he wants to shoot three-pointers, who is going to defer to his other teammates, try to get them involved, who is going to give you effort on defense. all those things he has not done the last few years. that is what the wizards have to see. if you can give any defense around this guy. >> while the circus appears to be over up here, wizards working on history down in charlotte. the guys lose their 14th straight, setting a new franchise record. flip saunders used a different starting lineup for the 24th time this season. flip saunders trying to snap that losing streak. it wasn't meant to be. second quarter, wizards down by
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five. bad decision from andray blatche. good play by theo ratliff. goes in for the dunk. blatche staying down on the other end. this works out. five-point game. blatche had 18 and zero instances of ignoring his head coach. third quarter, trailing by 13. alonzo g. making his first start for washington. play to al thornton. he played well. 19 points in the game. the charlotte bobcats just too much. sean livingston turns it over. raymond felton going to push it up the other way. nice alley-oop here to gerald wallace. charlotte hands the wizards their 14th straight loss, 107-96, the final. folks, it wasn't even that close. the other half of the sweet 16 being played tonight. so far two more teams advance to the elite eight. tennessee beats ohio state. baylor crushes st. mary's.
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west virginia and kentucky play tomorrow at 7:00 p.m. thanks, dan. coming up, a bizarre protest.
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a study by the epa shows a shower can pollute the water we use every day because the study finds topical medications, steroid cream, acne meds can
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slip through the process at treatment plants. this was an epa study. an indiana man is in jail for launching a violent attack on meat in a grocery store. police say 28-year-old anthony kauffman went into the store wednesday morning with a hunting knife and reportedly starting tearg into packages of hamburger meat, throwing them on the floor. workers tackled him as he tried to leave. police say it was a protest agains childhood obesity. >> people in the store and god sent him in to do that. and he was trying to save young girls from the beef. >> kauffman is charged with criminal mischief and criminal recklessness. >> we'll be right ba
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there is a volcano in iceland putting on a spectacular show the last couple of weeks.
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we have new veo of it. it continues to be spectacular. it is sending ash and other materials 2 1/2 mes into the sky. it's causing a lot of fissures that measure five football fields tall. that is our broadcast for now. >> have a good one. crai


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